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Grade 1 and 2* Listed Buildings

We have worked for over 30 years on Grade 1 and 2* Listed Buildings. These properties are required by law to retain, re-use and repair any existing floors that are original to the building. Our expertise lies in hand sanding and restoring the original boards, so they are not completely sanded flat and to an unsympathetic, fresh clean surface. Our DA Sanding allows as much - or as little - of the age and history to be kept, as the client and their signed off sample board dictates.


We are experienced in preparing fully detailed and documented reports. These written analyses are done for Local Borough Conservation Officers, English Heritage, Conservation Architects, Designers, Quantity Surveyors and Main Contractors. The reports contain photographic records of each room, a review of the history of the existing timbers and a knowledgeable assessment of their current condition, and most importantly whether they can be restored and if so what this will take.

Most Recent London based Projects:

  • Albermarle Street, London W1.
  • Fournier Sreet, London E1.
  • Chester Street, SW1X.
  • Great Cumberland Place, W1.
  • Gloucester Place, W1.
  • Lakenhal Cloth Museum, Holland

What we can do:

It is vital that existing floors are understood by all parties before one moves on with the project proper. We can provide a break-down of what timbers are in place, plus an evaluation of their condition and reusability. We are very experienced with what original pine planks are to be found in (many) Grade 1 or 2* listed buildings, and excel in finding ways to re-use, restore, or replace them with matching timber from our large stocks of period boards.

Based on our initial surveys we can provide an accurate estimate as to how much replacement timber might be required, and costs involved in cleaning and restoring the original boards (our speciality) to predict the overall cost for the project. We have done it successfully on many occasions.

The process once a restoration plan has been agreed includes:

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